What Five Things Should Kids Master In Preschool or Daycare?

Posted on: 5 November 2017

Their first years in preschool and daycare are filled with treasured social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. While every child's development is unique, experts have mapped a few skills that would help parents track their child's development. Here are five things that kids should master in preschool or daycare. 

Letters and Sounds

In preschool, children will master the letters and the respective sounds each make. They will be able to recognize and write all 26 letters in upper and lower case. Accordingly, they would learn how to spell and write their name and other small and meaningful words.

Numbers and Counting

In preschool, children will master numbers and counting. They tell their age and hold up their fingers to demonstrate. Four-year-olds can also count up to five items, some as much as 30. They can also tell which number is larger. They have also mastered the number sequence and be able to tell which ones come before and after a given number. They may also start adding and subtracting small numbers up to 10.

Concept of Time

Another thing that kids should have mastered in preschool is different time concepts. They should be able to understand morning, afternoon, and night. They can also accurately refer to situations that happen earlier, later, and soon. Some children will also be able to name the name of the days, months, and seasons. Although they may not be able fully grasp the concept of an hour, they can identify the time of everyday events to the nearest hour such as eating breakfast in the morning or napping in the afternoon.

Social Skills

In daycare and preschool, kids will also master some specific social skills. For one, after spending an adequate amount of their without their parents, they are now confident to express their needs to their teachers and other caretakers. They have developed a sense of independence in some skills but they will also know when and how to ask for help. They will also fully grasp the concept of sharing to their peers and should be able to take small responsibilities such as cleaning up toys in his room.

Their Emotions

Preschoolers also learn about their emotions. They will also start recognizing the different types and range of emotions that they feel. They will also use simple words like happy, sad, afraid, and angry to describe how they feel.

While the developmental process of children vary, these five skills generally constitute the learning that children should have mastered in preschool.